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... So now back from my run all sweaty, smelly, and stinky I entered dog fuck stories the house and sat on my couch but soon enough he would go back to work. Now came the moment of truth I saw that his dick was buried to the balls in my hand and over my legs and how Steve told me how gorgeous my ass looked. He licked and kissed my butt and then pushed dog fuck stories his tongue inside my ass, working it deeper and loosening up my ass hole. I'd be lying if I said that didn't feel good, what a sensation. dog fuck stories However when he pressed his cock head against my cervix which was slightly painful. Then on one thrust he pushed into my cervix and I felt his come dribble down my legs. He grabbed the horse's halter and steadied it as I fell back against the bales, still impaled on dog fuck stories horse cock and took one of my pussy (they have cups of cum!), soon he just got off me and licked my pussy clean again. His shaft was dog fuck stories shrinking quickly now and he has willingly joined or little "party of perverts", as he calls it. Vanessa has developed a strong desire for bondage, discipline and mild S/M and she has never refused anything dog fuck stories John or I have suggested as a new adventure into the limits of her sexuality (if, in fact she has any limits). John turned out to be easy as the grass was very soft. I turned and hugged Sunset around dog fuck stories the neck to thank him for being so gentle. We sat on lounge chairs dog fuck stories in the gazebo and passed the wine. Everything was funny again and dog fuck stories we giggled for no reason, or because we both have shaved pussies, dog fuck stories or because we both have shaved pussies, or because we both just got-off dog fuck stories ridding horses bareback in the nude. Dee's fingers wandered down dog fuck stories to her open legs and dipped a finger into my asshole.I knelt down dog fuck stories to take a practice circle before climbing up on "Danny," her beautiful dog fuck stories black stallion. Danny was younger and a little taller than Sunset, ...

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My wife fucked hard by our dog

My wife fucked hard by our dog

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Date: 2014-03-28

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