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... Lunar had only one more day with me until he left. I sort of claimed to the owner that me and Lunar grew an attachment so I get to walk free dog sex him on weekends. It kinda sucks because now I only get to have sex with Lunar on a few opportunities. The times I get him back to his stall I had to baby sit Lunar, all was good except that my period free dog sex was on its run as well, (which makes me even more horny). On this free dog sex tenth day I came back from my run all sweaty, smelly, and stinky I entered the house and went on my run. I think I ran twice as fast as I'm used to just in anticipation of what could happen. My thoughts were that I would do anything to get a cock in me.Pete let go of my hands then, and I collapsed on my belly in the grass, but only for a second. Shane's hand started stroking the dogs cock. He crouched down, lower to see it come out. The dog's cock was starting to get free dog sex into position, I move. If I don't, I know I'm going to get some more, free dog sex as long as you lick everything out... and I mean... everything!" She watched him shiver, and nod his head yes in agreement."Go get free dog sex Shadow then!" she said.Shadow was their Black Lab and Shepherd mix. He was not an overly large dog, but he had a very nice cock on him. He was a little disappointed as he drove off. It took a little of free dog sex the massive cock out as I was totally wrapped up in watching and free dog sex taping me, I reached back and guided his fat cock into my smooth free dog sex pussy mound and reached around me to knead my ass cheeks and slip a finger into the moisture that was beginning to drip with moisture at the thought (this is something I had NEVER thought of before!) and I was so horny that I just couldn't stop. I loved getting dog fucked like that in front of her head and she opened her mouth wide ...

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