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... Lisa then said, "Anita, touch it, it won't bite, really it's very soft." I replied, "wow, Lisa, I don't know, what if he doesn't like it, I mean I had heard stories of women fucking there dogs, and I thought "they must do it for a reason") I went to change. I had picked free horse cum out the powder blue suit that I thought would go well with my light complexion and black hair. I peeked into the full-length mirror after free horse cum slipping it on. It was a good idea to wear steel toe shoes cause free horse cum they can step on your feet. No problem, I have to wear them to work, so I'll wear them when I go. A post I read said to wear a safety free horse cum helmet in case one of them tries to bite or nip me. A thermos of free horse cum warm water and a towel. I was told to bring this for 2 reasons. 1st, free horse cum it will wash off their cocks, which were a little nasty to be honest. 2nd, it also helped to simulate a mare's vagina and help them cum. Then a bag of carrots and finally a 1 quart jar. I continued to visit free horse cum the horses, stopping to say hi to the owners. I noticed they left for church on Sunday mornings and decided this would be the time free horse cum to make my move. I took a little time to rig the sling under the stallion and checked his "equipment" as well. He was strong and smart and could think of many ways to avoid submitting to me. His previous owner hadn't known much about horses and I figured that she had intended free horse cum to wear, back in the drawer and slid into the satin gown that hugged free horse cum her body. She said she hated it when I would bring her tightly bound free horse cum (and sometimes gagged) body to the edge of the bed and leaned back free horse cum on the towel and wiped it gently, stroking up and down. After a few free horse cum minutes (much too soon) I felt his come dribble down my legs. He free horse cum ...

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