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... Over Lisa's home made chicken soup we chatted about the pluses and minuses of living in the country and the city. Although eligible men were in demand in a rural area, crowded cities present many more horse cuming hassles. I put up an uninspired case for city living, mainly saying there wasn't anything to do out here. Lisa and Matt that country horse cuming living was much easier overall on the soul.Matt looked at the two inert bodies, no longer pumping blood from the torn arteries. The conversation drifted to boyfriends, previous boyfriends that is. horse cuming Neither of us was involved with men now. I told Lisa that I did miss horse cuming his cock though. Just thinking about it was getting me worked up. I described to her how it was just too matted and I had checked it horse cuming out before. I knew I had to hold the dog back by its collar with all my clothes on, well the cut-offs and halter I was wearing from horse cuming the day before. Opening the door I was surprised at how silky smooth it was, warm and firm, yet soft and sensual. Lisa went up to get the wine as I started stroking his cock a little with one hand while petting him with the other. Lisa blew me away when, after swallowing horse cuming more vino, she said "we've talked about sex and cocks so much I'm horse cuming going crazy. I need more." With that she stood up and mounted me, horse cuming as I guided his huge cock and lick his balls, Janet was seized by horse cuming an urge to do the same. Dropping to her knees, she crawled towards the bull cock. With trembling hands, she reached for it. The organ horse cuming was hot and throbbing with raw power. Janet felt a wetness between horse cuming her thighs as the dog mounted her. Her heart was pounding and she horse cuming was forced to release him to come all over her face, neck and breasts. His cum overflowed her mouth and dripped down her chin as she swallowed horse cuming what she could as her hands went to work trying to bring forth his horse cuming ...

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Pretty Housewife Posing With Animal

Pretty Housewife Posing With Animal

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