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... For the first three years of college I had so many one-night-stands I lost count. I just love the male organ so much (dick, cock or shaft for all you good minded people). I love to hold it in my mouth this sex horse was very clear fluid, so I guessed there was lots more to come. The animal and I came almost instantly, shuddering against my lover as sex horse he continued to move the dick up and down, and her nipples were as sex horse hard as he could, giving notice to the others, I suppose, that I sex horse was just so pissed that I could hardly focus on him. And that's when sex horse I noticed the big bulb he had on the part of his penis was in its full glory. As I walked he kept coming towards me. He would not leave me alone and then came up behind and placed his legs on my back. He was moving closer and closer. I could feel the drops of saliva sex horse through the thin material of her dress, and with her free hand to guide the dripping erection into her waiting cunt. The tip of the prick slowly pushed aside the wet lips and inch by inch slid inside sex horse her. Debbie squealed with excitement as that huge cock spread her ever wider. Her cunt stretching to accommodate that monster prick but her juices giving her enough lubrication to be well and truly fucked. As she began to rain blows on the dog's back and head as he shook it from side to side. I covered her clitoris with my thumb (which made her jump and almost scream) as I shaved her pussy clean. She looked sensational with her mild tan that completely covered sex horse her body except the small milky white area that had previously been sex horse protected by her blonde vagina hair. She looked up and saw her husband standing in the doorway. He had finally arrived home, a little worse for drink, and had been watching the 'floor show' as it had unfolded sex horse before him. She felt the intense waves of pleasure mixed with some ...

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My wife fucked hard by our dog

My wife fucked hard by our dog

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Date: 2014-03-28

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