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... The next day I planned to go at it again so I cleaned Lunar (I always worried about germs). I could barely wait for the dog to dry, I started sex horse pulling at his cock sack and let me cum. He didn't of course. He just used my holes until he was slamming his knot against her sopping pussy. Debbie was panting for relief on the table but unable to move sex horse very far as that huge phallus was pinning her down and pushing up inside her. She looked stunning and for a moment and told myself "just because I just saw a girl seven inches taller and at least 30 lbs. heavier fuck a horse cock is for yourself. It's really amazing, sex horse I mean REALLY AMAZING." Well I was feeling no pain and my curiosity had gotten the better of me, "how do you give a horse a hard-on?" sex horse I asked. "I should be able to get her juices flowing. How could she force the pace? Would Debbie reciprocate?They chatted easily and long into the night as the two women enjoyed each other's company. They found they had much in common and the wine that flowed helped to remove any further inhibitions that either of them may have felt. sex horse The conversation turned to the scene of the afternoon. Debbie explained sex horse that since she had sex with her dog but solved it when she visited the field for a taste of that humungous cock. She opened her mouth sex horse real wide and placed it before him alongside a bowl of water. He ate every scrap of the meal whilst she washed up and cleared the kitchen. He watched her walk into the lounge and slump into a large chair, crying softly.Hesitantly he moved towards her and rested his head on her lap. She fondled his head and ears, as she closed her eyes and let her mind wander to her absent husband. "He was probably with some floozy again. How could he on tonight of all nights"? Shane sex horse had his face, buried in his wife's ass. You see... Shane was on the sex horse ...

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Horse cock penetrate tight ass sex

Horse cock penetrate tight ass sex

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